Many residents will be aware of recent road closures in the Town Lane and Dark Lane areas. The contractor, Electric North West legitimately applied for closures but administrative errors regarding the date of closure and the need for consecutive closures of these two roads, problems have occurred.

The original Dark Lane date was 18th Jan 2016, and for Town Lane the start date was 25th Jan 2016.  The works were approved with the condition that both roads would not be closed at the same time. The contractor agreed to the condition and signed road closure orders were drawn up as required.

But the contractor's agent made a mistake when applying for the closures as Electric North West actually needed to close Town Lane first on the 18th and Dark Lane on the 25th of Jan.

Town Lane was closed on 18th Jan, one week before it should have been. A County Council inspector advised the contractor that this was illegal and that they needed to clear the site on Town Lane.  All barriers/signs on Town Lane were collected and Town Lane was re-opened. 

Following telephone conversations with the contactors, LCC were advised that works on Town Lane needed to be completed prior to works on Dark Lane commencing.  LCC accepted this and agreed that if necessary the contractor could start on Dark Lane immediately following the end of works on Town Lane. 

However, it would appear that the contactor has decided that the works on Dark Lane can now be completed prior to the works on Town Lane and as such have utilised the existing permit and legal order allowing them to work in Dark Lane this week. 

We have no firm date for the closure/re-opening of either Dark Lane or Town Lane, but are in contact with Lancashire County Council, who are in turn in contact with the contractor, and are hoping for a speedy resolution to the required work and to the road closures.