Under the CIL Regulations, Chorley Council isrequired to pay to Local Councils 15% of any CIL receipts from developments within those areas.

As per the CIL Guidance on the Planning Guidance website: "Spending the Levy" it states that;

"The levy can be used to fund a wide range of infrastructure, including transport, flood defenses, schools, hospitals, and other health and social care facilities (for further details, see

Section 216(2) of the Planning Act 2008, and Regulation 59, as amended by the 2012 and 2013 Regulations).

This definition allows the levy to be used to fund a very broad range of facilities such as play areas, parks and green spaces, cultural and sports facilities, academies and free schools, district heating schemes and police stations and other community safety facilities"

Please click here to see the Parish Council CIL Annual Report 2016-7.



The Parish Council has a legal obligation to publish certain parts of the audit-related paperwork. 

The completed audit form and confirmation of audit are available here.

The internal auditor's report is available here.



There has arisen a vacancy for a Parish Councillor following the resignation of Marie Walker.  See link for details.


We are legally obligated to publish details of Community Infrastructure Levy receipts, expenses and current balance by the end of December each year. 
This is the report for the financial year 2015/6. 


The Parish Council has a legal obligation to publish certain parts of the audit-related paperwork. 

You can find the items submitted to the auditor for the financial year 2015-6, here.

You can find the completed and corrected audit and other related paperwork, here

Further items below:

Expediture over £100

Internal audit report


The Parish Council has a legal obligation to publish certain parts of the audit-related paperwork.  You can find those items for the financial year 2015-6, here.


Each year the Parish Council must produce a report detailing Community Infrastructure Levy funds received, funds spent and funds remaining as set asides.

A copy of the nil balance 2014/5 report can be found here.

2015/6 report will be submitted and published in December 2016.


CIL Monies Report for Whittle-le-Woods Parish Council

For the financial year 2014-5.


Report to be submitted by 21/12/2015.

As Responsible Financial Officer of Whittle-le-Woods Parish Council, I wish to report the Parish Council CIL income and expenditure during the financial year 2014-5.

Total CIL receipts for the reported year: Nil

Total CIL expenditure for the reported year: Nil

Summary of SIL expenditure during the reported year, including the items to which CIL has been applied, and the amount of CIL expenditure on each item. Not applicable

Details of any notices received. Nil

The total amount of CIL receipts retained. Nil

The total amount of CIL receipts from previous years retained. Nil

This information will be published on the Whittle-le-Woods Parish Council website

Each year, just before our April Parish Council meeting, the Grants Committee meets to discuss awarding small amounts of assistance to local groups and residents.  See details of who sits on the Grants Committee here:

Parish Council Committees 
Each January a designated amount of money is put to one side for grants in the following financial year and this can either be awarded at the grants meeting or, by special request, throughout the year.

If you would like to be considered for a grant, please feel free to contact the Clerk with details of your organisation, its location, contact details and other information you feel may be of interest.

In previous years grants have been awarded to:

April 2016:

It was proposed that grants of £50 would be made to each of the following organisations: Musicarama Youth Band, Whittle le Woods CE Primary School growing club, and St Chad's Heritage Fund.

April 2015:

It was agreed this year to grant £25 each to the Buckshaw Youth Band, Clayton and Whittle Scouts, Buckshaw Scouts, St Chads Bowlers and the Cricket Club.

April 2014:

£50 each to the 1st Clayton Guides, Buckshaw Youth Band and the Whittle and Clayton Scouts, with £25 being awarded to the Women's Guild, St Chad's Bowlers and (later in the year) to Whittle-le-Woods Primary School adjacent to St Johns Church for a road safety awareness prize.  ,

April 2013:

£50 each to the Scouts, the Cubs, the Cricket Club, the Women's Guild, Buckshaw Youth Band and (later in the year) £100 for Emily Jones (local resident) and £150 to establish the now annual Fishing Competition.

April 2012:

£100 for the Queen;s Diamond Jubilee Committee and £50 to Chorley Remembers. 

April 2011:

£50 was granted to the Mother and Toddler group, Whilttle and Clayton Scouts and the Cricket Club. 



The Parish Council will list events on the website if the event is either

1) An event run by Whittle-le-Woods Parish Council
2) An event run by Chorley Borough Council or Lancashire County Council that is thought to be of interest to Whittle residents
3) An event run in Whittle-le-Woods that is open ot the public and where the event organiser provides the relevant information to the Parish Council
4) An event run in the local area that is open to Whittle residents to attend

For recurring events the event organiser will be requested to confirm the accuracy of the event details held on the website, failure to do so may results in the removal of the event from the website.

The Parish Council reserve the right to remove an event listing without notice.

To list your event on the Parish Council website please use the Contact Us form to provide the following information, The event name, location and time of the event, frequency of the event if it is a recurring event along with details of any entry charges and a brief desciption of the event.



April 2014
1.On lamp posts and other upright poles only official yellow directional signs are allowed.
2. A boards and swing boards must be less than 1 metre square and must not obstruct or interfere with sight lines.  To be removed at night.
3. Other hoardings on public land are not allowed. If on private land, normal planning regulations apply.
4. Temporary banners and hoardings for village events to be allowed.
5. Allowed advertisements/banners etc should be put up no earlier than two weeks before an event
and removed immediately afterwards