The milestone on Blackburn Road near Gorse Close was found to be in very bad condition and partially submerged in the pavement.

The Parish Council arranged to have the heavy stone raised and during the past year I have spent quite some time chipping away at the rust encrusted cast iron plaque to reveal the ornate letters and numbers underneath.

A few coats of paint will help to preserve it for the years to come.

Parish Councillor Chris Briscoe.



Residents and those travelling into Chorley on Milennium Way will notice that a new Whittle-le-Woods sign appeared a few months ago, showing where the village starts.



The Whittle-le-Woods millstone, positioned on Chorley Old Road in front of the recreation area known locally as The Polo, is an interesting local landmark.  Made from local Whittle stone mined from local Whittle quarries, the millstone is intended to celebrate this, now largely lost, industry.  Another image, looking at the millstone from the rear and looking towards the old Duke of York pub, can be seen here:



The official opening of the Whittle-le-Woods Playing Fields Pavilion or Changing Rooms was held on Friday 2nd Dec 2011.  It was quite an occasion, and the changing rooms were officially opened by local celebrity Dave Spikey.

The time and effort required to complete this project was enormous, and a large amount of the hard work was carried out by the volunteers themselves, making this even more of a community event and facility to be proud of.


Funding to complete the changing rooms was provided by:
Chorley Borough Council
Whittle-le-Woods Parish Council
Lancashire Environmental Fund
Community Foundation for Lancashire (Grassroots)
Garfield Weston Foundation
The Rank Foundation
West Lancashire Freemasons' Charity.



To celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the Parish Council commissioned a large Jubileee Stone (made from local rock) to be placed at Waterhouse Green.  Here are some photographs of the completed stone:







The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations took place in early June 2012 and the QDJ Committee organised some amazing events to celebrate this occasion. 

These ranged from bonfire to concert and  the presentation of commemorative mugs to children attending the two village schools. 





The Parish Council thanks all involved for their efforts.

Parish Council Centenary

Also, in 1994 Parish Council representatives met Queen Elizabeth in Blackpool to celebrate the Parish Council’s centenary - another royal occasion worth celebrating!




Eric Bell unveiling the plaque for the opening of the Community Hall and the official key handover! 

But to get to this point took a huge amount of effort - see the photographs of building work supplied by Margaret Ward (previous Clerk of Whittle-le-Woods, retired 2005).




More Information on the Village Hall can be found here.



Work on the Parish Plan started in 2003 and it was completed in November 2004. The photographs below show the process, a meeting in the Scout Hut requesting volunteers and the presentation of the finished plan to volunteers from Hillfoot Cottage. The final two images are of the launch of the Parish Plan at Shaw Hill, November 2004.


It can be viewed here:

Whittle-le-Woods 2004 Parish Plan