Whittle-le-Woods Parish Council is made up of twelve residents of Whittle-le-Woods (three from the East Ward and nine from the West Ward). 

They have been either elected or co-opted to represent Whittle residents and work together for the good of the community.

Every four years an election is held to select Parish Councillors, though if fewer than twelve people stand for election, the election will be said to be 'uncontested' and the election process will not need to take place.  An uncontested election took place in May 2018. 

As mentioned above, Parish Councillors can also be co-opted.  This happens when a vacancy becomes free in between elections.  Details of our currently serving Parish Councillors can be found here.

The Parish Council meets on the second Monday of each month, at the Village Community Hall on Union Street. Notices and agendas are posted before each meeting onto each of the village noticeboards, and on the website hereAny resident can attend the meetings and everyone is welcome.

Parish Councils, as the most grass-roots tier of local government are close to the communities they serve.

Many of the jobs and responsibilities of a Parish Council might not be immediately obvious to you: 

  • Provide informed comment on planning applications and issues to the Borough Council.
  • Report issues of fly tipping, issues with overgrown hedges and trees, and report highways issues ranging from requests to repair pot holes to requests to unclog gullies and drains.
  • Provide services such as litter bin emptying and grass cutting, but also the provision of such optional items as lamp post baskets.
  • To create policies.
  • To raise and spend money on behalf of the community
  • To Budget & manage its finances in accordance with the Accounts & Audit regulations
  • Ensure adequate insurance cover
  • Manage Parish land, buildings & property
  • To inform Parishioners of issues and projects - we do this via the website and the twice yearly newsletter. 
  • To be available to work in partnership with other organisations such as the Borough or County Council, police, voluntary bodies etc, on behalf of the community.

Each year, at the Annual Parish Meeting, a Chairman is appointed.  The Chairman is the public face of the Parish Council, they sign minutes and other documents agreed at meetings, they can summarise debates and assist in the coming to decisions, and keep the meeting moving. 

Each Parish Councillor contributes their time voluntarily and are valuable to the community.  That said, no individual Parish Councillor  (not even the Chairman) can make a decision on behalf of the Council.

Please note that the primary point of contact for Parish Council business is the Parish Clerk Lisa Pickering and her contact details can be found below.  Parish Clerks provide essential administrative support to the Parish Council and also act as Responsible Financial Officer.  Administration including dealing with correspondence, the production of minutes and agendas, the creation of monthly, yearly and audited accounts, production of the newsletter and the maintenance of the website are all responsibilities of the Clerk.

Lisa Pickering
309 Brownedge Rd
Bamber Bridge
01772 629616

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.