The Unadopted Road Advisory Committee has been formed as an executive committee with the aim to work with local groups looking to address issues with unadopted roads in the village. The committee will act inline with the following Terms of Reference.

Terms of Reference
1) Collect and publish generic information on responsibilities around the maintenance and up keep of unadopted roads 2) Look to form a local working group with residents and/or interested parties in a particular road 3) Assist the working group to identify registered owners of the road and/or surrounding properties 4) Facilitate discussion and identify possible ways forward to improve the standard of unadopted roads in the village both short term and long term. 5) Communicate with the public through the website information obtained relating to the unadopted road and the decisions of the working group on how to move things forward 6) Communicate with local interested parties on behalf of the Parish Council

The committee can be contacted through the website using the Contact Us Page.

D Marsden, E Bell, B Higham