WWI 100 Year Commemoration Beacon
Sunday 11 November 2018, 07:00pm


In commemoration of the100 year anniversary of the end of WWI, you may have seen the Silhouettes of our Armed Forces around Whittle-Le-Woods. 


At the War Memorial and the Gun Turret (on Lucas Lane) there are Soldiers.


On the A674 near the Red Cat you will find a Navy man. 


On Waterhouse green, in celebration of 100 years of the formation of the RAF there is an Airman. 


The silhouettes are part of the UK wide commemoration of WWI organised by the British Legion. 



To mark the Centenary there will also be a beacon lit at 7pm on Sunday 11/11/2018 at Little Quarries.


(Many thanks to Ruttle’s for permitting the beacon)