Welcome to Whittle-le-Woods Parish Council

About the Parish Council

Whittle-le-Woods Parish Council is made up of twelve residents of Whittle-le-Woods (three from the East Ward and nine from the West Ward). They are either elected or co-opted to represent Whittle residents and work together for the good of the community.

Every four years an election is held to select Parish Councillors, though if fewer than twelve people stand for election, the election will be said to be 'uncontested' and the election process will not take place. An uncontested election took place in May 2018. As mentioned above, Parish Councillors can also be co-opted. This happens when a vacancy becomes free in between elections.

Details of elections and vacancies are notified both on the website and the notice boards. Residents of Whittle are encouraged to join the Parish Council when there is a vacancy or election.

Each May at the annual parish meeting, a Chair and Vice-Chair are appointed.

The Chair is the responsible individual for the Parish Council, they sign minutes and other documents agreed at meetings, they can summarise debates and assist in making decisions, and keep the meetings in order. Every decision made by the Parish Council is made democratically. Each Parish Councillor contributes their time voluntarily in order to benefit the community.

The Parish Council is consulted on planning applications, and responds with informed comments on behalf of the Parish. The Parish Council has representatives within Borough Council in areas such as Chorley Liaison Committee and the Neighbourhood Area Group. The Council will also work closely with planning, and environment, and policing as the need arises.

The Council aims to promote health and wellbeing within the Parish with access to local amenities, and the provision of community spades and events. The upkeep of the greenspaces and infrastructure, and the protection of the environment and countryside.

The Council are also involved in the upkeep of the Whittle-Le-Woods and Clayton-Le-Woods War Memorial, and the Local Flood Action Group and a number of community areas such as the orchard, and the garden.

In Summer the parish Council provides the flower baskets on the lampposts along the main thoroughfares in the Parish, and also hanging baskets to businesses along the main roads.

Parish Councils are the most grass-roots tier of local government and serve with the best interests of their community at the forefront of every decision.